Day 146: Menace II sobriety by Pomona island

The only thing I love more than a beer is a beer with a music pun for its name. This vegan friendly come in a 440ml bottle with an APV of 7.4%. This was an incredibly lively beer, it simply exploded front he can and over the top of the glass. This beer quite simply did not wish to be contained. It was golden with a head that just kept going in the glass. Sadly though, this was not to last throughout this beer. This promising lively start lead me down the rabbit hole of no aroma, a water like feeling in the mouth with only the slightest hint of hops on the tongue and not much else I’m afraid. At best i would describe this IPA is meh. It’s just an ordinary ipa that doesn’t quite reach greatness on any level an I’m going to o have to recommend that you avoid it.


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