Day 147: Fest bier by Lidl

So today we’re going back to the local supermarket with this special buy from Lidl. These special buys as many of you know are occasional promotions that Lidl have we’re they sell products really cheaply or as the cynical among the audience might say they find a product they can buy cheaply and sell quickly to help the bottom line. This German larger Comes in a 500ml bottle with an APV of 5.5%. It was Amber in colour with half a finger head. It had no Aroma to speak of Which isn’t unusual for these beers. This beer was both slightly hoppy and malty at the same time. This leads to a strange cross mixing of flavours and a rather unappealing aftertaste. This confused nature means this beer cant make up its mind so It becomes a muddled mess. It’s a strange beast indeed.



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