Day 150: 4ts American pale ale

I can’t believe I’ve already hit 150 different beer reviews. When I started started the daily challenge all those months ago I didn’t think I’d make 50 let alone triple that. I mean i started with one of my favourite beers all that time ago (here) and since then I’ve found some fantastic beers and some truly awful ones. In recent weeks I’ve been trying to drink a lot more local beers and this one is no different being from Warrington in the northwest. The future is indeed local. This American pale from 4Ts brewery comes in at 4% APV and came straight from the pump into my glass. It was yellow in colour with a  single finger head. It had this general off smell with someone turning the hops up to eleven. I think they may have been trying to hide some off flavours in this beer. This leads to a beer were the only flavours you can taste are mouth clenching bitterness without any layers. Not a very nice beer here.


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