Day 155: Golden ale by Guinness

So I’ve wrote about the brewers project a lot on this site, that big marketing push the brewery did many years ago that never went anywhere and produced a whole bunch of mediocre beers. I think it’s plain to see that this disappeared because they just weren’t selling to anyone. This golden ale came in a 500ml bottle with an APV of 4.5%. It was Toffee in colour with single finger head. Like most golden ales their was nothing on the nose. It also didn’t much taste like a golden ale should, it wasn’t refreshing or Crisp it hit you with bitterness and this massive full mouth feel that gave this beer a very unappealing feel in the mouth. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the brewers project and this isn’t improving my thoughts on it. If this is what they have to offer other than Guiness I’ll stick to the dark Guineas thank you.


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