Day 157: New England ipa by cloud water and brewdog

This brew dog and cloud water collaboration came out and it seemed like everyone was writing their two sense about it. So i naturally got round to trying this New England ipa a long time after all that. Brewdog in my opinion are responsible for making the idea of craft beer mainstream and cloud water have been producing beers that increasingly impress me. So what will this beer bring, the big bold unpalatable flavours of some brewdog beers or the juice for days of cloud water. This vegan friendly beer comes in a 440ml can with An APV of 6.8%. It was Cloudy orange with single finger head, had this hit of Citrus hops on the nose which was quickly followed by another punch of citrus on the tongue and an overwhelming taste of bitterness. This isn’t the greatest pint all around, considering that both of these breweries have their own distinct style. Brewdog with its often over use of hops and cloud water with its more layered but fuller feeling beers but they just get lost here and this beer seems unable to make its mind up. This beer try’s to meld both breweries together and the result is a mess. Although I’m not the biggest fan of brewdog at least you can say is their beers are memorable and some of the best beers I’ve enjoyed recently have been from cloudwater this sadly is both unmemorable and not very impressive taste wise. This gets a distinctive meh from me.


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