Whats in my fridge 02

So last month i wrote my first list of beer recommendations and i enjoyed visiting some of the great beers I’ve had over the last few months. So here’s the plan, going forward I’ll find five beers to recommend to you lot. I figure that because i review one beer a night then after a month i should be able to find five beers to recommend to you people. I mean should but I’m not going to lie at this point I’ve not been finding that many great beers recently.

Festiva by Shindigger


This east coast session ipa comes in a colourful and summery 440ml can with an APV of 4.4%. This beer is completely vegan friendly, is very cloudy and golden in the glass with a single finger head. Wonderfully hoppy and inviting on the nose followed by a lite hop on the tongue. This beer sells its self as a lite and seasionable and that is what I got here. It was very enjoyable and I could happily drink this in the sun at a festival.

Aliya by shindigger

another one from shindigger and I’ve realised that if they are making a hoppy beer then you should be drinking it. This comes in a 440ml can with an APV of 5.2%. Straw coloured with single finger head. Hops on the nose and lite and refreshing on the tongue with a subtle yet fulfilling taste. Another home run from shindigger and a new rule for life from me is going to be if shindigger release a beer then I’m buying it.

Instamatic by Brewdog

no your eyes do not deceive you I’m placed a brewdog beer ion thins list, I’m normally meh on beers from brewdog but this may be their best beer in years.Golden and opaque in the glass with a strong two finger head. Hops on the nose and wonderful full flavoured on the tongue. So brewdog have this tendency to make these really overpowering beers and this reviewer isn’t the biggest fan but recently there has been a change in direction. They seem to be going for more nuisance and less obnoxious beers and I for one couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Zero zero by arbor ales

This comes in a pint can at 568ml with an APV of 4.3%. Golden and opaque in colour with a frothy 3 finger head. Citrus on the nose with full bodied feel yet subtle hoppiness that’s a rare beast these days but one this reviewer appreciates. A great easy drinker here from arbor and one I’ll be having again in the future.

Dandelion and burdock by hoppers

Dandelion and burdock Is one of those Quintessential English fizzy pop drinks. It’s made by combining the dandelion flowers and burdock flowers with sugar and letting it ferment. So I’m guessing all that was needed to make it alcoholic was yeast. Now I’m not a brewer so take my advice with a grain of salt. Dandilion is a drink that just makes me think of British summers And happier simple times. So while I’m aware many of you have no idea what this mystical drink is I can assure you it’s a hidden British gem. This looks like dandelion and burdock, smells like it and most importantly it tastes like it. In essence this is pop for adults.



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