About me

Paul Anthony Bailey the third was named after his father who was named after his uncle and so on and so forth for as long as anyone can remember, All the first born’s in my family have held this name and i’m sure someone else in my family will maintain this honor. I currently reside in Liverpool and I am anything but your typical scouser if there is such a thing, I have just left university, having studied history, I somehow thought that it would make life a bit easier, how wrong i was. So as of January 2013 i took the decision to stop struggling against the tide that is the british job market, Sell off all my world possessions and travel the world, To live the life of a vagabond as it were. I know this sounds a bit cliche but there is a reason things become cliched, After a bit of planning and saving I’m about to start my adventure and as off may 2013 i should be somewhere in Australia, Hopefully in a campervan but only time will tell.
I’m a huge nerd and like everything that comes with that, Comics, Films and Television to name just a few. I love music but then who doesn’t, That’s like saying i need air to function, Despite liking music i’m completely tone deaf, I do play ukulele, well by play i mean try but i maintain that badly is still playing. i don’t take it too seriously and play for myself and no one else, I also love reading and if im not reading a book, then i’m reading a comic and if im not reading a comic then i’m reading the news etc etc. I believe that knowledge is the highest of all human pursuits and wish i did it more than i do,Naturally i’m also interested in history and i would like to apologise to anyone who gets me on to that subject, i’ve been known to bore many a person.
Some people consider me quite combative but thats only because i’m passionate about what i believe in and i’m not afraid to share my opinions. If you experience this don’t be afraid to put your opinion across because i find people who are willing to express their opinions far more compelling than those who don’t. Despite this i am actually a really laid back person who requires very little from the world, A good book, A cold beer and the company of others are all i really require.
I am always looking to try new things so feel to get in touch because i would love to meet up with you and enjoy a nice drink..sorry to waffle on but i wanted to give you an accurate idea of who i was,If you’re interested in finding more about me here are some links to other things i do:
or you could just email me and tell me how much you hate me at
This is my website and i apologize for any mistakes, All opinions presented are my own and i’m sorry if you’re offended by them but that does not mean i’ll stop having them.
You have a beautiful soul and i will always love you.


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